Archive | July 2015

Give them time! 

When you first take your puppy out into the world let him sit down, look around and take it all in if that’s what he wants to do. Don’t  drag him, he will  walk when he is ready. Let him  have a few moments to adjust and take it all in! Play some games, give some treats, but don’t be in a hurry as he will walk in his own time and there may even come a time when he is taking you for a walk. So take your time, you will have plenty of years ahead of you for walking. 


Hand Feed

Instead of feeding from a bowl, why not hand feed your puppy and use their dinner as a reward when training! 

Top Puppy Tip

Throw away your food bowl and feed your puppy using chew and puzzle toys or even better use their food instead of treats when training!

First Aid 

Puppy Stars First Aid courses for July and September can be found by following the link below.​