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Fad diets

I was involved in a conversation recently about a technique used in dog training and somebody used the analogy of “Fad”, this got me thinking about how dog training to me can be a bit like fad diets; new super techniques, quick fix claims, gadgets and gizmos but the reality is that most of the wonder products and techniques are on the whole, just like fad diets, the effects are not long lasting or even worse, they can be damaging to your health and relationships.
To really make a difference in a lasting sustainable way, you need to train positively with clear longer term goals and with shorter steps to that goal. A pound at a time to lose stones, success drives success. There will be times when the fridge sabotages your day, just like in training when something goes wrong or your dog goes over threshold. If this happens, go back a step and start again. If you have been patient and taken small steps, you won’t have to go back to the beginning. The reality is there are some tools that can support you but no miracle quick fixes – just good old time, patience and dedication.


Get me home !

Make sure your dog has a way of being identified, collar,tag and microchip. This is important at anytime of year but especially so as we prepare for November 5th