Can You Help? Puppy socialisers needed for top charity Medical Detection Dogs

41939241Medical Detection Dogs need caring homes to look after and socialise their puppies and young dogs during their training as medical alert dogs for anything up to 18 months, or provide long-term foster homes for their Bio-detection dogs.

They provide food and equipment for the puppy and cover all veterinary costs whilst the puppy is with you.

No experience is necessary as support and advice is provided, however, Puppy Socialisers are required to meet the following criteria:

– Attend regular local puppy training classes (if you’re in our area we provide FREE training classes for Medical Detection Dogs’ puppies)

– Be at home most of the day

– Follow positive dog training methods

– Regularly get out and about in all environments and situations socialising a puppy

– Have a secure, dog-friendly garden

– Have the time and stamina to manage an active puppy or young dog

For further information, contact Pam Jones: 01296 655888 or


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